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About Us

Clique is the first truly social network. We incentivize people to go out and connect with others in person, all while being rewarded to do so. Event creators can more accurately assess the true amount of people attending, leading to a reduction in waste of time, energy, and most importantly money.

Our Main Features

For Event Goers

For the first time, get paid to party! Simply choose an event based on your interests and then actually show up to be rewarded with points. Show up with your friends or a group to earn bonus rewards!

Get Paid To Party

Earn awesome rewards and discounts just by going out. Every time you tell us you're going to an event and you actually show up, you get awarded points that you can spend on our marketplace and get exclusive rewards and benefits.

Discover Events

Ever wondered what parties were happening around you? Clique has you covered. Discover all the trending and up-and-coming events based on your interests on an easy-to-navigate map that shows everything happening around you!

Stay Incognito

Clique Global is committed to respecting your privacy. We use blockchain technology to anonymously verify that you’re actually showing up to events and distribute points accordingly. This technology is powered by Platin Protocol.

Find Your Clique

Get together with your best friends or organization(s) and form a clique to attend events all together, share memories, and get rewarded more. Cliques are the best way to plan and keep up with your friends. You have to meet in person to add people to your clique!

Our Main Features

For Event Creators

Find your audience and know who’s coming to your party. Event goers earn rewards by consistently showing up to events. Get more accurate estimates of how many people are coming. Save time and energy and plan a perfect party!

Easily Throw Events

Clique Global allows anybody to throw a successful event. With an intuitive interface built for the modern world, easily publish and manage your events. Not only can you plan ahead due to the increased attendance certainty, but you can also directly interact with your event goers through public Cliques!

Know Who’s Coming

The more often an event goer actually shows up when they say they will, their rating increases; if they do not attend, their rating goes down. Thus, those with a higher score have a higher probability of actually showing up, and those with a lower score have a lower probability. Thanks to our revolutionary algorithm, the true number of the attendees of your event can be predicted.

Hack Your Event Growth

Noticing that not enough people are seeing your event, or simply need a little boost? Promote your event to the top with a cost-per-click lower than both Instagram and Facebook.

Find Your Audience

Reach the right people to ensure an amazing event. Machine Learning helps showcase your events to the right Cliques. Use the hashtags that represent the audience you wish to target, and then post your event. Everybody that is interested in those subjects will see your event!

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